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S&M Sally

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New England Premiere!

Move over Fifty Shades of Grey—Michelle Ehlen returns with the third installment of “the trilogy,” and she’s going where no vanilla lesbian rom-com has gone before: the dungeon! When lesbian couple Jamie and Jill move in together, their lives quickly become all about cuddling and watching TV. But when Jill casually mentions that she used to frequent kink clubs, butch Jamie suddenly feels like their sex might be too tame for Jill’s tastes. At first reluctant but eventually very determined, Jamie enters a world where floggers and safe words quickly replace the couple’s humdrum routine. As Jamie relishes being a newbie to the scene and adopts the pseudonym Thighmaster Sally, the infinitely patient and more experienced Jill grows weary with the constant kinky posturing. When fantasies come to life outside the dungeon, the couple’s altered power dynamic might signal a breaking point. Will Jamie submit to the pain of admitting what she really likes? Meanwhile, Jamie’s ex-girlfriend Lola is dating polyamorous Sebastian and, in order to control the situation, encourages him to go out with Jamie’s gay male roommate. As the two find themselves one-upping each other to win Sebastian’s affection, they go too far in what can only be described as a game-of-chicken threesome.

S&M Sally—featuring characters from writer-director-star Michelle Ehlen’s Butch Jamie and Heterosexual Jill —takes what might be taboo subjects for some and gives them authentic representation while maintaining just the right amount of awkwardness, charm, and hilarity. Description courtesy of Frameline Film Festival.

Dir. Michelle Ehlen. USA 2015, 80 min.