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International Shorts

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PERPETUAL (MøRKE RUM). Directed by Peter Ahlén Larsen 26 min. Denmark
Young Sebastian explores his sexuality and seeks sex/love online. He meets Jacob, who takes him to a sex club. In the new and frightening surroundings Sebastian surrender and in their subsequent meetings love sprouts, at least for Sebastian. Outside the darkness of intense togetherness, the reality penetrates. Jacob is full of lust and not love. So when Sebastian’s hopes are disappointed and Jacob pulls away, Sebastian return to the dark room to restore the lost with a stranger

THE BOY. Directed by Eyup Büyükkelleci 7 min. Turkey
The mother kills her son who is gay. Some moments of the boy from his social life are seen: In the university, cafeteria and car. The wound is always on his chest and people recognise his wound. He goes to the coast, walks into the see.

MATHEO. Directed by Darrell Lee Hall 11 min. France
Although he is surrounded by his family and his friends, Mathéo feels unhappy. Between accepting his homosexuality and a boring first job, Mathéo is a portrait of a generation looking for its place.

THE DEN. Directed by Lorenzo Caproni 15 min. Italy
Christian is on vacation with his family. One day he meets Luca, an old friend, at the bar on the beach. This face emerged from the past bothers Christian. Luca asks Christian to restart a game interrupted many years ago.

BUDDY. Directed by Edwin Goldman 11 min. Netherlands
A young man agrees to support his ex-lover during an HIV test. Not having seen each other for a while, they are forced to sit together in the waiting room. What starts out as an awkward conversation, soon becomes something more tender. Is there still a chance for reconciliation?

MY 17 GAY FRIENDS. Directed by Moxie Peng 24 min. China
A glimpse into the lives of 17 diverse, gay friends in the Beijing LGBT community, showing their different personalities, living situations, past histories, relationships with one another and show the richness of LGBT people in all their complexities. It also pokes fun at stereotypes and labels that often cut across the LGBT community.

BOARDWALK. Directed by Etamar Kadusheviz 5 min. Israel
Roy and Amir, who is a soldier, are having a date on the seaside. They experience homophobia and are forced into confrontation.

EASY REAPPEARANCE. Directed by Guillame Levil 16 min. France
Anne, a fifty-years-old woman with a bourgeois mentality, listens to a message secretly intended for her husband: a man makes an appointment with him in a gay club where you must give the password, « Easy Reappearance »…