Friday, April 15

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Leave Behind a Groove in the Earth: The Sam Black Church Story

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Special World Premiere Screening!

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In the 1980’s hardcore punk music was born from the underground, spearheaded by bands like Black Flag and Bad Brains. In the early 2000’s bands like Killswitch Engage, Unearth, Shadows Fall, and Lamb of God ruled the world’s concert halls as the New Wave of American Heavy Metal. But what’s the connection? The answer is a Boston based-band from the 1990’s called Sam Black Church.

“No one could touch ‘em. I mean it was like, “HOLY SHIT! What is this?”
-Allec Setten, Sony Records, formerly Geffen Records

“It was a band that everyone would stop and stare because they couldn’t believe what was happening on stage. Just total chaos, utter chaos.”
-Mike D’Antonio, Killswitch Engage

“There was no other front man like Jet.”
-Brian Fair, Shadows Fall

From modest beginnings playing empty rooms, to filling large clubs, Sam Black Church rocked the youth from Maine to California, even hosting KORN on a support slot in San Diego. Sam Black Church were known for their high energy performances and quickly garnered the top spot for Hardcore/Metal concert draws in New England. After completing 3 releases with indie record label TAANG!, SBC were poised to make the leap to Geffen Records, but they hit a snag some describe as miscommunication, and others describe as malice.

Filmed and edited over 10 years by Boston rocker/performer/photographer Duncan Wilder Johnson, Leave Behind A Groove In The Earth showcases archival footage of Sam Black Church in their element: LIVE! Interviews tell the story of a group of kids originally from West Virginia and Washington D.C. who moved to Boston for college. Influenced by everything from The Circle Jerks to Judas Priest, they created a sound, a style, and a live presence never experienced before, which soon became classic.