Saturday, April 30

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Boston Premiere

Expected to be in attendance: Director Ian Cheney and Producer Amanda Murray

Dir Ian Cheney [71 mins]

In the late 19th century, astronomer Giovanni Schiaparelli spotted what he presumed to be canals on the surface of Mars, sparking a public fascination with our galactic neighbor and its ecosystem. Recent rover footage and NASA’s latest evidence of liquid water on the planet have rekindled our intrigue. After all, water could mean life––right?

Ironically, the element we seek so desperately on a far-off planet is dangerously abundant on much of our own. Earth’s fragility adds an undercurrent of urgency to human exploration of space, but it also inspires a finer appreciation of how lucky we all are ever to have happened. Was the road from microbial minutiae to industry and invention paved with happy coincidences? Or could we indeed terraform a new world––reshape a planet to meet our most basic Earthling needs?

IFFBoston welcomes back prolific alum Ian Cheney, the director behind such festival hits as THE SEARCH FOR GENERAL TSO (IFFBoston 2014) and THE CITY DARK (IFFBoston 2011), with his meditative look at the mysteries of the cosmos and of the very source of life–past, present, and (don’t doubt it!) future.

–Sandra L. Frey

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