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Too Late

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Exclusive Area Premiere Engagement May 6–9

Only on 35mm!

SUNDAY PUNCHFriday and Saturday late shows will feature a “missing reel” of TOO LATE: the short film SUNDAY PUNCH. This 19 minute short features Dichen Lachman and covers story points alluded to by characters in TOO LATE. SUNDAY PUNCH will screen immediately following the main feature at the late show on both Friday and Saturday nights.

(2015) dir Dennis Hauck w/John Hawkes, Dichen Lachman, Sydney Tamiia Poitier, Robert Forster, Jeff Fahey [107 min]
When tasked with tracking down a missing woman from his own past, Private Investigator Mel Sampson (Hawkes) finds himself navigating the dark corners of Southern California and the menagerie of eccentric personalities and lost souls who inhabit it. Filmed in a series of stunning unbroken takes and featuring a gut-wrenching, tour-de-force performance by John Hawkes, TOO LATE is presented only in theaters and only in 35mm.

NYT Critics PickNYT Critics’ Pick “Absurdly entertaining.” – The New York Times

“There is a classic Hollywood feel that prevails throughout… Between music, performances, cinematography, and just the guts to attempt such a concept, Hauck has a very impressive debut on his hands, and we’ll be watching to see what he attempts next.” – TwitchFilm

“May be the best straightforward California-noir since Robert Altman’s The Player.” – Adam Charles, Film School Rejects

“A breathtakingly assured piece of storytelling done with visual poetry and haunting emotional resonance.” – Andrea Chase, Killer Movie Reviews

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