Staff Picks for our May–June Schedule

STAFF PICKWe’re back with another selection of picks from the Brattle staff! Check out what some of our coworkers think are the hottest movies on screen at the Brattle in May and June—details after the jump…


Gabe Moylan is Operations Manager at the Brattle.


  • Drop Dead Fred – I don’t really have much to say about it except that I haven’t watched it in a long time and when I did, it was on vhs! It taught me that even adults act a little childish sometimes.

Erica Hill is one of the Brattle’s box office managers.


  • The Killers – Movie moments don’t get more fun than the wrapup of this one, where Lee Marvin is super extra mean to Angie Dickinson. Plus both Ronald Reagan and John Cassavetes costar, and the story was by Ernest Hemmingway, turning this flick into a sloppy allegory for America.
  • Daisies – Czech new wave film about burstingly pubescent lesbian vampires with eyewateringly colorful images everywhere, but a deliberately non-linear style meant to evoke the frustrations of meaninglessness. Soundtrack is a whopper too.
  • Seconds – Rock Hudson’s attempt to reframe his effervescent image turned extra weird when it gave Brian Wilson a panic attack at a real-life screening and contributed to the disraveling of the famed ‘Smile’ album. Wilson wouldn’t go to the movies again for 16 years. Frankenheimer’s grasp on fear is solid enough that you may also be shaken.
  • A Tale of Sorrow and Sadness – Seijun Suzuki movies (like ‘Branded to Kill’ and ‘Tokyo Drifter’) are much loved for their balloon bright surreal humor striped with violence. However, it’s far more difficult to catch this obscure title, a comeback after a lawsuit blacklisted Suzuki for ten years. It’s about an adorable model who screws up everyone’s money by being too good at golf.
  • Pickup on South Street – Not to throw shade on Sam Fuller or Richard Widmark, but Thelma Ritter absolutely steals this classic noir. Tawdry and hard-nosed at the outset, it’ll have you feeling tender things for soldiers and patriots before long. Did you know Jean Peters got the lead role because Fuller thought she walked like a woman with venereal disease?

Angela Sawyer is the Brattle’s Head Manager.


Brandon Constant is the Marketing Manager at the Brattle.


I haven’t seen too many of the Seijun Suzuki films, so I’m looking forward to watching YOUTH OF BEAST and PASSPORT TO DARKNESS. I always love to see what anniversaries we are celebrating during Reunion Weekend as it allows for quite the cross-section of titles. NIGHT ON EARTH and SECONDS are two films I haven’t seen in a while and can’t wait to watch them again on the big screen.

Kate Fitzpatrick is Associate Director at the Brattle.


Dave Leamon is a long-term Brattle projectionist.


Ivy Moylan is the Brattle’s Executive Director.