Wednesday, May 25

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Smashing the O-Line

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Note: Also shows at Harvard Film Archive on Monday, May 16 at 7 PM

(1960) dir Seijun Suzuki w/Hiroyuki Nagato, Kazuko Yoshiyuki [83 min; 35mm]
This crime thriller features one of the most nihilistic characters in Suzuki’s early films: Katiri, a reporter so ambitiously amoral that he’ll sell out anyone – including his partner and the drug dealer he’s sleeping with – to get a scoop. But what happens when an even more ruthless female gang boss kidnaps his sister? With its jazzy musical score and sordid milieu of drug smuggling and human trafficking, SMASHING THE O-LINE is one of Suzuki’s darkest urban tales.

“It’s sleazy, thrilling, and full of contempt for humanity throughout. A bitter pill perhaps, but possibly the best film from the first half of Suzuki’s studio career.” – Marc Walkow, Film Comment

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Wednesday 5/25
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