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Tattooed Life

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(1965) dir Seijun Suzuki w/Hideki Takahashi, Masako Izumi, Akira Yamauchi, Kotobuki Hananomoto [87 min; 35mm]
Set in the 1930s, TATTOOED LIFE is the story of two brothers: Kenji, an art student, and Tetsu, who is working as a yakuza to help pay for Kenji’s tuition. When a hit job goes horribly wrong, the brothers flee. They end up finding work in a mine – and falling in love with the owner’s wife and daughter. But will Tetsu’s gang tattoos reveal the brothers’ secret past? The first film to earn Suzuki a warning about “going too far” from his Nikkatsu bosses, TATTOOED LIFE contains one of his most iconic and audacious violations of film form: a final fight scene in which the floor suddenly and illogically disappears, and the action is filmed from below the actors’ feet.

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