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Never Cry Wolf

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(1983) dir Carroll Ballard w/Charles Martin Smith [105 min; 35mm]
Based on the book by Farley Mowat, NEVER CRY WOLF is a beautiful and melancholy film about man’s relationship with nature. A Canadian biologist is sent to the arctic tundra to study a precipitous decline in Caribou numbers. Isolated and alone, the scientist begins to gain a deeper understanding of the wolves that he initially feared and eventually forms a life-changing bond with one wolf family.

“Ballard and his masterly crew of film makers have reimagined a corner of the natural world…They leave us awed.” – Richard Schickel, TIME Magazine

“Perhaps the best thing about the film is that the wolves are never made to seem like strange but cuddly dogs. They look like wolves, not especially threatening but still remote and complete unto themselves.” – Vincent Canby, New York Times

“The film is still memorable for its compassion, commitment, and unexpected humor, qualities that go a long way toward tempering the ecological didacticism of the screenplay.” – Dave Kehr, Chicago Reader


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