Tuesday, June 28

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Elements of Cinema: Cleo from 5 to 7

Free Screening and Discussion – Passes Not Required


Free Screening & Discussion

Introduction by Brattle Executive Director Ivy Moylan

(1961) dir Agnes Varda w/Corinne Marchand [90 min; format TBA]
Agnés Varda’s feature film debut injected an unprecedented woman’s perspective into the all-male world of the nouvelle vague. We are with a pop singer named Cléo Victoire (Marchand), and we stay with her for 90 minutes of almost real time as she awaits the results of a doctor’s test for cancer. Varda’s CLEO is an exhilarating and deeply penetrating film where, just beyond the beguiling surface, the spectre of mortality is always waiting. “Varda paints an enduring portrait of a woman’s evolution from a shallow and superstitious child-woman to a person who can feel and express shock and anguish and finally empathy. In the process, the director adroitly uses the camera’s addiction to beautiful female faces to subtly question the consequences of that fascination – on us, on them.” – Molly Haskell

This event is free and open to the public.

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