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Blue Velvet

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New Digital Restoration! David Lynch's BLUE VELVET

30th Anniversary! New Digital Restoration!

(1986) dir David Lynch w/Kyle MacLachlan, Isabella Rossellini, Dennis Hopper, Laura Dern, Dean Stockwell [120 min; DCP]

David Lynch’s classic examination of the underbelly of small town America begins with the discovery of a severed human ear in the picture-perfect hamlet of Lumberton and ends with Kyle MacLachlan’s naïve college student Jeffrey having been drawn through the very depths of human depravity. Jeffrey’s encounter with the sadistic Frank Booth (Hopper) and the desperate Dorothy Vallens (Rossellini) are only barely counteracted by his budding relationship with the sweet and innocent Sandy Williams (Dern). In celebration of this landmark film’s 30th anniversary, we are excited to screen this brand new digital restoration – and on July 4th weekend no less, a fitting time to revisit David Lynch’s startling vision of the dark side that lurks oh-so-close to the surface of the American ideal.

“Still enraptures and confounds! Three decades after its initial release, David Lynch’s BLUE VELVET has lost none of its power to derange, terrify, and exhilarate.” – Melissa Anderson, The Village Voice

“One of the seminal titles of the 1980s! The chance to see a restored version on the big screen is an essential experience for anyone who is a fan of the movies.” – Zack Sharf, Indiewire


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Friday 7/1
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Saturday 7/2
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Sunday 7/3
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Monday 7/4
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Wednesday 7/6
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Thursday 7/7
at 4:00 9:30 PM

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