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Dragon Inn

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(1967) dir King Hu w/Feng Hsu, Chun Shih, Ying Bai, Lingfeng Shangguan, Chien Tsao, Han Hsieh [111 min; DCP]
The Chinese Wuxia film was never the same after King Hu’s legendary DRAGON INN. During the Ming dynasty, the emperor’s minister of defense is framed by a powerful court eunuch and executed, and his family is pursued by secret police. In the ensuing chase, a mysterious band of strangers begins to gather at the remote Dragon Gate Inn, where paths (and swords) will cross.

★★★★ “Is to the martial arts genre what STAGECOACH is to the Western.” — Simon Abrams,

“A uniquely pulsing blend of magnetic stoicism, Chinese Opera choreography and innovative fight sequence editing…cinema that’s the definition of kineticism.” — Robert Abele, Los Angeles Times


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