Wednesday, July 27

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Hell or High Water

Free Preview Screening!

Advance ticket buyers for the 5:30 screening of CHARLEY VARRICK receive reserved seating for the free 8:00pm screening of HELL OR HIGH WATER.


(2016) dir David Mackenzie w/Ben Foster, Chris Pine, Jeff Bridges, Katy Mixon, Dale Dickey [102 min; DCP]
This modern crime drama set in West Texas follows a pair of brothers facing eviction (Pine and Foster) who turn to bank robbery in an attempt to stay on their family land. Their plans, however, soon place them in the crosshairs of a relentless, foulmouthed Texas Ranger (Bridges) looking for one last triumph.

“HELL OR HIGH WATER is a thrillingly good movie — a crackerjack drama of crime, fear, and brotherly love set in a sun-roasted, deceptively sleepy West Texas that feels completely exotic for being so authentic.” – Variety

“If ‘No Country for Old Men’ were remade as a heist movie, it might look something like director David Mackenzie’s Texas-set thriller HELL OR HIGH WATER.” – Eric Kohn, Indiewire