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Destiny – dir Fritz Lang

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(1921) dir Fritz Lang w/Lil Dagover, Walter Janssen, Bernhard Goetzke [94 min; DCP]
In this masterpiece of German Expressionist filmmaking, a young woman (Dagover) confronts the personification of Death (Goetzke), in an effort to save the life of her fiance (Janssen). Death weaves three romantic tragedies and offers to unite the girl with her lover, if she can prevent the death of the lovers in at least one of the episodes. Thus begin three exotic scenarios of ill-fated love, in which the woman must somehow reverse the course of destiny: Persia, Quattrocento Venice, and a fancifully rendered ancient China.

“When I saw DESTINY, I suddenly knew that I wanted to make movies. Something about this film spoke to something deep in me; it clarified my life and my vision of the world.” – Luis Buñuel

“It marks a breakthrough for both Lang and the German Expressionist movement in its shift away from such signature genres as crime and horror and into more fanciful, epic realms.” – Eric Monder, Film Journal International

“Lang also unleashes high-suspense sword-fights, cartoonishly obnoxious leaders (the burly Chinese emperor kicks his subordinates when upset), and flying carpets — a special-effects coup that would serve as the inspiration for Douglas Fairbanks’s The Thief of Bagdad.” – Danny King, Village Voice

“Remains relevant nearly a century later.” – Syeedah Eesha Rashid, Brattle Film Notes


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