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Repertory Series Archive75 Years of Film Noir, Part 6: Femmes Fatale


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(1946) dir Charles Vidor w/Rita Hayworth, Glenn Ford, George Macready, Joseph Calleia [110 min; DCP]
When washed-up gambler Johnny Farrell (Ford) is saved from a bullet in seedy post-war Argentina by casino owner Ballin Mundson (Macready), he becomes Mundson’s right-hand man. But Johnny quickly finds himself in a love-hate triangle that threatens to explode in his face when his boss acquires a sultry wife, Gilda (Hayworth), a woman whom Johnny has met before.

“No film noir course would be complete without it, in part because it’s at once prototypical and highly unusual.” – Mike D’Angelo, AV Club

“A protagonist’s introduction on screen often plays an essential role in not only the character’s journey, but in cementing a film’s legacy… Hayworth’s famous introduction is not only iconic to the film’s legacy, but also to the classic character trope of the femme fatale.” Jack Sinclair writes about GILDA for Brattle Film NotesRead More →


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