Friday, August 26

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Block A1: Death on a Rock

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dir. Scott Ballard
Portland filmmaker Scott Ballard’s (A STANDING STILL, WELCOMING DEPARTURE) latest feature follows a young woman coming to terms with a trying event in her life. Lillian’s (Rachael Perrell Fosket) bright outlook – she loves her job in a flower shop and has a sweet budding relationship with her boyfriend – is rocked by illness. Days spent in long term care at the hospital bring reflection, desperation, and some family tension. This vibrantly shot tale follows Lillian’s year of happiness, pain, and growth, told through flashbacks and drifting between memories and shifting consciousness. Seen through a framework of loss, Death On A Rock is a bittersweet tale balanced between tragedy and levity.

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dir. Gail Gilbert
On a crowded city street, a woman runs to catch a bus, but misses it. With frustration in her eyes, she climbs aboard the next bus and begs the driver to do his best to catch up to her husband, who is on the bus ahead of them. At first the bus driver is reluctant to even acknowledge her request, but the other passengers urge him to help the woman out. Soon a positive excitement fills the air, and the driver skillfully moves his way through traffic to reach the other bus. A sense of camaraderie builds as more and more people get involved and show their support. It all reaches a climax when they finally pull up behind the bus and the woman hops off to join her husband.

The passengers revel in their sense of accomplishment as their bus pulls away from the curb. Suddenly, the sound of a gunshot cuts short the celebration. They look out the window and see the other bus driver’s head slammed against the steering wheel. Soon it becomes clear that the woman has shot the other bus driver dead. A look of horror fills the passengers’ faces as they realize the outcome of the action that they had all blindly supported. Watch the Trailer

dir. Caroline Bartleet
Gemma wakes to find her house on fire. Trapped with her son, she dials 999. The operator who answers holds Gemma’s life in her hands. Watch the Trailer

dir. Swati Srivastava
A short film dealing with a heart-breaking dilemma faced by an Alzheimer’s caregiver. Watch the Trailer