Saturday, August 27

Special Events ArchiveMassachusetts Independent Film Festival 2016

Block B3: The Chalet

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dir. So-Jin Park
Somewhere in Seoul, North Korea man and South Korea women meet in the room. Their timeshare is alloted day and night. 2 sharers who don’t know each other leave post-it notes when they vacate their room, and they get closer only by the memo. Finally they decided to meet.

Shows With:

dir. Kelly Ruth Mercier
Sentenced to community service, a privileged and self-consumed young woman encounters a war veteran at a soup kitchen and realizes that she has the potential to support him on his road to wellness, while doing the same for herself. Watch the Trailer

NINANINA (short)
dir. Kaori Nakazawa
Nina’s (32) mother died in her bed a year ago and left a will that read: “I regret a lot in my life. I don’t care about my grave. You can scatter my ashes in the Hawaiian sea”. Nina decides to keep the will to herself because she is worried about her sister, Emiri (26) and their mother’s favourite child, being hurt. Nina begins feeling presured to decide on a grave for their mother and also find a job when Emiri gets engaged with her boyfriend. However, Nina is unable to decide on a suitable grave or job. She gets into an argument about the grave with Emiri’s fiance and later feels humiliated at a job interview because of lack of her skills. She ends up staying in her own shell and not listening to other people’s advice. Nina also finds herself caught between Emiri, who wants to stick to her idea of “not to have a proper wedding ceremony”, and her mother, who “wants Emiri to have a wonderful wedding ceremony” and gets into argument with Emiri, who is the most important person in her life. To make matters worse, it turns out that Emiri already knows about the contents of the will. Nina realises that her only secret has been taken away and finally decides to go on to her own life.

ZAARZAAR (short)
dir. Ibrahim Nada
Zaar is a suicide bomber who enters a random diner to bomb himself in a terrorist attack but listening and interacting with the innocent people around him makes him question his intent. Will he be able to do it?!! Watch the Trailer