Saturday, September 24

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Phantasm: Remastered

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Art House Theater Day!

New Digital Restoration!

Followed by Exclusive Q+A Broadcast!

(1979) dir Don Coscarelli w/Michael Baldwin, Bill Thornbury, Reggie Bannister, Angus Scrimm [88 min; DCP]
In Don Coscarelli’s legendary horror film, 13-year-old Mike (Baldwin) investigates the death of his friend and uncovers an evil lurking in the heart of his small-town graveyard – The Tall Man (Scrimm), a demonic figure who is systematically murdering the town’s populace and reanimating them to serve as his slaves. Now available in a brand new 4k restoration overseen by the director under the auspices of PHANTASM ‘phan’ JJ Abrams, we are excited to welcome this exciting cult film back to the big screen!

Art House Theater DayArt House Theater Day celebrates the art house theater and the cultural role it plays in a community. It is a day to recognize the year-round contributions of film and filmmakers, patrons, projectionists, and staff, and the brick and mortar theaters that are passionately dedicated to providing access to the best cinematic experience.

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