Tuesday, October 18

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Trash Night: BMX Dad

Buy Tickets Tickets $7 all seats. Brattle Passes not accepted for this event.


Just in time for the cold snap, things are HEATING UP at the Brattle with this month’s movie: BMX DAD, a late-70s family-friendly film in which Frank Dubbins (BRUCE CARR, “COPPER MOUNTAIN”) suddenly loses his job, and will lose his house unless he raises $93,000.

So what does he do? TRAIN FOR A BMX RACE, of course, since there’s a $100,000 pot.

And who does he learn BMX racing from? Why, from A MAGICAL BMX BIKE, of course.


And what sort of save-the-farm family film would it be without an evil banker (TOMMY THAYER, “THE RED HERRING”) or an evil rival BMX biker (ERIC ST. JOHN, “INNUENDO”) from Frank’s past?

Unlike a lot of late-seventies kids’ fare, however, BMX DAD is no oatmeal-paced slog through a “Dick and Jane”-level script; it has a GREAT soundtrack, due to a licensing deal with Casablanca Records, and much of the pacing and cinematography is anachronistically modern. If you feel like you’ve seen this film before, THINK AGAIN! Trust us — you ABSOLUTELY, DEFINITELY do not want to miss what’s about to go down.

TRASH NIGHTWe’re excited to welcome TRASH NIGHT, one of Boston’s best underground comedy/film events, to the Brattle! Once a month TRASH NIGHT selects one F-grade, sub-cult cinematic wonder and unleashes it on an unsuspecting audience – with original video weirdness seeded throughout. This is one of the rare times at the Brattle when audience participation is not only encouraged, it’s required!

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