Staff Picks for our November-December Schedule

STAFF PICKWe’re back with another selection of picks from the Brattle staff! Check out what some of our coworkers think are the coolest movies on screen at the Brattle in November and December—details after the jump…

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  • MULTIPLE MANIACS – Donald Trump is dead wrong: nobody has more respect for women than John Waters does. And us nasty women love him for it. JOHN WATERS 2020!

Cara Kuball is a staff manager.


Dave Leamon is is a member of our projection staff.


  • IXCANUL – I saw this at the Toronto Film Fest in 2015 and I am so excited it has been picked up for US distribution! When I go to TIFF I try to see films from normally under-represented cultures and countries so I couldn’t miss this Guatemalan film. It is a beautiful, neo-realist film and I am so excited we are premiering it in November.
  • THE DEKALOG – I have missed this series desperately and am so glad that it is available again, thanks to Janus Films. See you on Dec 14 & 15 for the marathon screenings!
  • Awesome – HALLOWEEN on Halloween – I finally get to see the film on screen and really be terrified by this seminal horror film. Can’t wait!

Ivy Moylan is the Brattle’s executive director.


Alma MacBride is a member of our theater crew.


  • THE DEKALOG: first watched these films when I was in high school. I think they affected me deeper than I am aware.
  • THRONE OF BLOOD: the image when lady macbeth walks out of the darkness with poisoned wine has been forever burned in my brain!

Yangqiao Lu is the Brattle’s associate director.