Wednesday, December 28

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Paths of Glory

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(1957) dir Stanley Kubrick w/Kirk Douglas, Ralph Meeker, Adolphe Menjou, George Macready [88 min; DCP]
Kirk Douglas is in top form in Kubrick’s underrated anti-war film. PATHS OF GLORY follows the exploits of a French WWI unit commander who must lead a hopeless offensive against a German position.

“Both a terrifying, grim look at battle and an excruciatingly tense courtroom thriller. Together, it’s a devastating indictment of war as conducted by opportunists and liars.” – Michael Wilmington, Chicago Tribune

“This masterpiece still packs a wallop, though nothing in it is as simple as it may first appear; audiences are still arguing about the final sequence, which has been characterized as everything from a sentimental cop-out to the ultimate cynical twist.” – Jonathan Rosebaum, Chicago Reader


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Wednesday 12/28
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