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Certain Women

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Double Feature with AMERICAN HONEY

(2016) dir Kelly Reichardt w/Kristen Stewart, Laura Dern, Michelle Williams, Lily Gladstone, James LeGros [107 min; DCP]
One of America’s foremost filmmakers, Kelly Reichardt (Meek’s Cutoff) directs a remarkable ensemble cast in this stirring look at three women striving to forge their own paths in the American Northwest. As their stories intersect in subtle but powerful ways, a portrait emerges of flawed, but strong-willed individuals in the process of defining themselves.

“Powerful, focused, nervy, lean. Certain Women is a work of art produced by a director in full control of her material. It leaves you reeling.” – Catherine Wheatley, Sight and Sound

“The palpable chemistry solidifies our engagement in the characters who, performed by any other actors, might have come off as underwritten.” – Ally Johnson, Cambridge Day

“If you liked Robert Altman’s Short Cuts, you’ll want to see this award-winning Kelly Reichhardt film.” – James Verniere, Boston Herald


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Saturday 1/14
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