Tuesday, March 21

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Trash Night: A.P.E.X.

Buy Tickets Tickets $7 all seats. Brattle Passes not accepted for this event.

“Who thought time-traveling death cyborgs could lead to such ponderousness?”
– Gene Siskel, probably

A.P.E.X. is a one-man operation — Phillip J. Roth writes, directs, and produces — and a film determined to explore the ramifications of time travel by two methods:
ONE: A Möbius-strip plot whose ending wraps around to its beginning, in which a time scientist accidentally travels to a timeline generated by a paradox he created, inhabiting the life and role of the alternate-him but possessing only his memories of his “standard timeline” life, and TWO: A completely eyewatering amount of human/cyborg desert combat.

DOES HE SUCCEED? That depends on how you feel about Nevadan backlot lazer shootouts, human-exterminating cyborg factories, people meeting themselves from different time streams, meandering voiceovers about conflicting parallel realities, people meeting other versions of each other from different time streams, or “The Holy Mountain” as directed by Martin Starr’s Roman DeBeers.

DOES A JEEP BLOW UP THIS TIME? No, but TIME does, I hope you’re okay with only TIME blowing up, jeez

TRASH NIGHTWe’re excited to welcome TRASH NIGHT, one of Boston’s best underground comedy/film events, to the Brattle! Once a month TRASH NIGHT selects one F-grade, sub-cult cinematic wonder and unleashes it on an unsuspecting audience – with original video weirdness seeded throughout. This is one of the rare times at the Brattle when audience participation is not only encouraged, it’s required!

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