Friday, March 24

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Secret Screening

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Director: Mystery Human
Screenwriter: Mystery Human
Cast: Talented Lead, Incredible Supporting Role
2016 | Somewhere in the World | ? min.

One of 2016’s most hotly anticipated genre titles, coming to punch you in the gut with its awesome.

This is a first for BUFF. Our very first Secret Screening. We’re asking you to trust us on this. You do not want to miss this.

Let us lead you into the dark theater, then let the filmmaker take you on an unforgettable journey. This was one of our top three favorite films of the last year.

We pursued this screening with tenacity. For every no, we countered with a how about… After much convincing, the decision makers in question agreed on condition of it being a secret, and so here we are, sharing a fantastic film with all of you, whose identity won’t be revealed until the lights go down.

If you’re particularly astute, you may be able to infer from the rest of our programming what we have in store for you; sometimes the truth is hidden in plain sight. For the hundred or so of you who bought tickets and passes in good faith before we unveiled any of our lineup, this one’s especially for you. Enjoy.

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Keaton Smith | USA | 15 min.
An alcoholic, theoretical physicist seeks to right the wrongs of his past by applying his unified theory to reality.