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She’s Allergic to Cats

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Director: Michael Reich
Screenwriter: Michael Reich
Cast: Mike Pinkney, Sonja Kinski, Flula Borg, Honey Davis
2016 | USA | 82 min.  

Easily one of the coolest indie discoveries of 2016, this is the kind of singular outsider brilliance we pray to encounter. -Mitch Davis, Fantasia Film Festival

Michael moved to L.A. to make movies. Now he just grooms dogs. Living in his rat-infested apartment, he dreams of making a living on his outsider video art (his latest project is an all-cat remake of Carrie). When Cora comes in to get Mickey Rourke’s daughter’s dog washed, Michael is instantly smitten. As if he wasn’t already in the midst of an existential crisis, Michael now has to contend with being in love. And unknown to Michael, Cora has a dark and mysterious side; and she’s harboring a secret that threatens to derail Michael’s plan for getting rid of the rats.

Emerson College alum Michael Reich delivers one of the strangest, funniest, freakiest and most charming films of the past year (aided by lead actor Mike Pinkney, who provides the film’s emotional core). At times evocative of one of Adult Swim’s late night experiments, She’s Allergic to Cats lures the viewer in by wearing its lo-fi eccentricity on its sleeve, but sustains itself with a beating heart at the center of its narrative; all the while genre-bending between comedy, drama, horror, and psychedelic fever-dream. This is one of those exceedingly rare specimens that strike the perfect balance between sincere and self-aware. In a time where weirdness for the sake of weirdness is unduly celebrated, She’s Allergic to Cats comes along with a very human story, whose peculiarity is encoded into its DNA.

-Kevin Monahan


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