Saturday, April 8

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Shorts Spotlight: España

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Wicked Queer received an abundance of fantastic films made on the Iberian penisula. This inspired us to create a program dedicated to show the beauty that exists there. The shorts in this program will feature films with the themes of LGBTQ surrogacy, bisexuality, death, love, and plenty more.

This screening is proudly co-presented by The Observatorio Cervantes at Harvard.

Image 3-31-17 at 4.58 PM (1)FAW

Frida receives a call from an ex-boyfriend . She goes with the hope of reviving what they left months ago, but the game turns out to be something totally unexpected for her.
Dir. Dany Campos | 22 min | Spain | 2016

Image 3-31-17 at 4.58 PM (2)The Second First Date

Laura, who ruins everything, tries to set up the remake of the terrible first date that had with Tina, her childhood crush.
Dir. Raquel Barrera | 10 min | Spain | 2015

Image 3-31-17 at 4.58 PM (5)My Brother

MY BROTHER tells the story of a young Spaniard, Alberto, who have fled as far as possible from his conservative family. He lives in Berlin with his partner, and works as an illustrator of comics. But an unexpected event forces him to return to his suffocating Castilian village and confront not only their own origins but lies who created to survive. To save his guilty he will try to change the future of their tragedy through fiction, as best he can do, drawing. It is a story that takes us from a cosmopolitan, artistic and free world into a deep and hypocritical Spain, that still remains depressed despite the achievements of our society.
Dir. Angel Villaverde | 17 min | Spain | 2016

Image 3-31-17 at 4.58 PMButterflies

Sivia is a 17 year old girl whose mother have just decided to hire a tutor for her, Irene. She’s the one who will show her the way to understand herself and decide who she is going to be, avoiding prejudices and stereotypes.
Dir. Angel Villaverde | 17 min | Spain | 2016

Image 3-31-17 at 4.58 PM (3)The Orchid

Sometimes the biggest conversations are forced onto voicemail. A surprising father-son tale played across an answering machine.
Dir. Ferran Navarro-Beltrán Viñuales | 3 min. Spain | 2016

por un besoPor un Beso

Tomás and Andrea are standing opposite at a zebra crossing in Gran Vía (Madrid) Their eyes meet in the distance and they start smiling to each other. What they don’t know yet is that fleeting encounter will mark their destiny.
Dir. David Velduque | 5 min | Spain | 2016

Image 3-31-17 at 4.58 PM (4)Alejandra

“Birth, love, death. Three milestones in a person’s life, or perhaps in every one’s.” Alejandra is a film about the beauty and power of three unvarnished moments in a person´s life. Narrated with neither dialogue nor music.
Dir. Alberto Gastesi | 7 min | Spain | 2016