Sunday, April 16

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The Day the Earth Stood Still

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Double Feature with CONTACT

(1951) dir Robert Wise w/Michael Rennie, Patricia Neal, Hugh Marlowe, Sam Jaffee, Billy Gray [92 min; tbd]
While the aliens might come in peace, that doesn’t mean they don’t travel with protection. In this 1950s sci-fi classic, the protection comes in the form of a menacing robot named Gort who guards his master and the flying saucer that they arrived in. Ultimately, the visitor, Klaatu (Rennie) brings a cautious message of peace to the people of Earth, insisting that they get along with each other… or else.

“Iconic from the get-go.” – Bill Weber, Slant Magazine

“Its timeless warnings about violence, nuclear confrontation and the difficulties of policing the planet have made it an enduring cultural classic.” – Michael Booth, Denver Post

“A superbly crafted, landmark film which invested a much-derided – and frequently ludicrous – genre with a welcome degree of dignity and respectability.” – Angie Errigo, Empire Magazine


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Sunday 4/16
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