Wednesday, June 28

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Elements of Cinema: Face to Face

Free Screening – Passes Not Required


Elements of Cinema!

As a special addition to our Spaghetti Westerns series, we offer this free screening of the rarely seen FACE TO FACE by Sergio Sollima.

(1967) dir Sergio Sollima w/Gian Maria Volonte, Tomas Milian, William Berger, Jolanda Modio [112 min; 35mm]
“FACE TO FACE follows the meeting and development of two diametrically opposed characters, thrown together by fate, who shine contrasting lights on each others strengths and weaknesses and ultimately influence life altering changes in one another. A mild-mannered history professor from Boston, Brad Fletcher (Volonte) moves to Texas for his health where he encounters ruthless outlaw Beauregard Bennett (Milian) and becomes entangled in the rough and violent life of the bandit. To begin with, Fletcher is the voice of moral reason in a wild environment but, as time goes on, the educated easterner becomes increasingly seduced by the wild life of the outlaw and the power of the gun – realizing that his intellect and education give him an added advantage when combined with ruthless violence and blind ambition. An advantage which ultimately leads him to take control of the outlaw community and dream of crimes on a grander scale than Bennett could ever conceive. Meanwhile, Bennett himself undergoes changes and discovers a new level of morality and conscience as the story progresses.” – The Spaghetti Western Database

In lieu of a post-film discussion, we’ll be screening a selection of Spaghetti Western trailers prior to the feature!

Unfortunately, due to print availability issues, NAVAJO JOE has been cancelled.

Please note that DON’T TURN THE OTHER CHEEK now only screens at 9:30pm.

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