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Friday, June 30 – Thursday, July 6

(1979) dir Andrei Tarkovsky w/Aleksandr Kaydanovskiy, Anatoliy Solonitsyn, Nikolay Grinko [161 min; DCP]
One of the most immersive and rarefied experiences in the history of cinema, Andrei Tarkovsky’s STALKER embarks on a metaphysical journey through an enigmatic post-apocalyptic landscape. A hired guide—the “Stalker” of the title—leads a writer and a scientist into the heart of the Zone, the restricted site of a long-ago disaster, where the three men eventually zero in on the Room, a place rumored to fulfill one’s most deeply held desires. Adapting a science-fiction novel by Arkady and Boris Strugatsky, and making what would be his final Soviet feature, Tarkovsky created a challenging and visually stunning work, his painstaking attention to material detail and sense of organic atmosphere further enriched by this vivid new digital restoration. At once a religious allegory, a reflection of contemporary political anxieties, and a meditation on film itself—among many other interpretations—STALKER envelops the viewer by opening up a multitude of possible meanings.

“Andrei Tarkovsky’s epic inquiry into freedom and faith presents an arduous journey for the spectator, but conjures up its own mystical universe with majestic conviction.” – Total Film

“Tarkovsky’s finest work.” – The Guardian

“Tarkovsky realizes the allegorical tale with an overwhelming density of visual detail; the riot and clash of textures…form a frenzied vocabulary and lend the film the torrential inner force of Dostoyevskian rhetoric.” – The New Yorker

“A vision of pure magic.” – Time Out


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