Monday, July 24

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Elements of Cinema: Crossfire

Free Screening – Passes Not Required


Elements of Cinema!

(1947) dir Edward Dmytryk w/Mitchum, Robert Young, Robert Ryan, Gloria Grahame [86 min; 35mm]
One of the first Hollywood films to deal with anti-Semitism, CROSSFIRE features Mitchum as a former soldier who teams up with a police detective (Young) to investigate a brutal murder.

This special free screening is a part of our Elements of Cinema series and will be followed by a discussion with the audience.

Elements of Cinema logoELEMENTS OF CINEMA is a monthly free screening and discussion series presented by the Brattle Film Foundation. ELEMENTS OF CINEMA is supported in part by a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts. Art Works.

“This ultra-low-budget thriller did what all great B movies do: it broached a subject that ‘respectable’ movies wouldn’t touch.” – Time Out

“Crossfire is an unusually good and honest movie and may — I hope, will – prove a very useful one.” – James Agee, The Nation

“Dealing with racial bigotry, this tense thriller combines a message drama with the stylistics of film noir, resulting in one of the best films of the 1940s.” –

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