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Endless Poetry

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Friday, July 21 – Thursday, July 27

ENDLESS POETRY (2016) dir Alejandro Jodorowsky w/Adan Jodorowsky, Brontis Jodorowsky, Leandro Taub, Pamela Flores, Alejandro Jodorowsky [128 min; DCP]
Through the intensely personal lens of Alejandro Jodorowsky, renowned father of the midnight movie, ENDLESS POETRY tells the story of his years spent as an aspiring poet in 1940s Chile. Against the wishes of his authoritarian father, 20-year-old Jodorowsky leaves home to pursue his dream of becoming a poet, and is introduced into the bohemian and artistic inner circle of Santiago. Living with inspirational artists, Jodorowsky’s exploration of his inner feelings takes him on a journey of sensual experimentation leading him to realize his innermost desires and passions.

Continuing the autobiographical story he began in THE DANCE OF REALITY, ENDLESS POETRY is an ode to the quest for beauty and inner truth, as a universal force capable of changing one’s life forever, written by a man who has dedicated his existence to creating spiritual and artistic awareness, told through Jodorowsky’s unique surreal and psychedelic visual language.

★★★★ “There is probably more visual genius in these two films than most filmmakers have come up with in an entire career.” – Peter Keough, Boston Globe

Grade: A “Jodorowsky contemplates mortality with as much power and insight as perhaps anyone before him.” – James Verniere, Boston Herald

“Loopy, irreverent, and more intensely personal than anything its mystic creator has invented before.” – Aaron Hillis, The Village Voice

“Mr. Jodorowsky, at 88, shows the irrepressible energy of a man who is just getting started.” – A.O. Scott, New York Times

“Whether any of the film’s moments are entirely true, totally fabricated, or representative of some larger, psychological truth doesn’t matter when you’re in the hands of this consummate visual artist.” – Violet Lucca, Film Comment

“There’s something ineffably moving about seeing the filmmaker take stock of himself and his history as he gently nudges this traveling circus of a movie toward its next destination.” – Justin Chang, Los Angeles Times


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Friday 7/21
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Saturday 7/22
at 2:45 5:30 7:45 PM
Sunday 7/23
at 2:45 5:30 7:45 PM
Monday 7/24
at 3:00 9:00 PM
Tuesday 7/25
at 4:00 PM
Wednesday 7/26
at 4:00 PM
Thursday 7/27
at 10:00 PM

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