Wednesday, August 2

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Law & Order

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Good Time Double Feature

Double Feature with AFTER HOURS (9:00)

(1969) dir Frederick Wiseman [81 min; 16mm]

Please join us for this special double feature curated by former Bostonians the Safdie Brothers in celebration of the upcoming release of their new film GOOD TIME starring Robert Pattinson.

“The movie reveals a vivid, teeming human ecosystem in painfully intimate shards and fragments, each one snapping into a complex larger pattern of sociological and narrative meaning.” – Justin Chang, Los Angeles Times

“LAW & ORDER was the most powerful hour and a half of television that I’ve seen all year…” – Pauline Kael, The New Yorker

“… a vivid impression of (the policemen’s) working lives and through this a complex sense of what it means to be in their position in a large American city… There is the implicit threat of violence in any radio call. Moreover, the cops are expected to dispose of countless routine problems — drunks, accidents, family quarrels — that can’t be ‘solved’ to anyone’s satisfaction and that most ‘decent’ people don’t want to touch.” – Gary Arnold, The Washington Post

“Law & Order is a masterful example of Wiseman’s documentary technique.” – David Carter, Not Coming to a Theater Near You

New York Times:“Frederick Wiseman: The Filmmaker Who Shows Us Ourselves”

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Wednesday 8/2
at 7:00 PM

Brattle passes accepted. Special, Usher, and Producer members may reserve seats here.