Friday, August 25

Special Events ArchiveMassachusetts Independent Film Festival 2017

Block A1: Bagnini & Bagnanti

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BAGNINI & BAGNANTIBagnini & Bagnanti

dir. Fabio Paleari 66min
The figure of the Italian Latin Lover investigated through the eyes, stories and experiences of old and young Lifeguards from the most famous Italian Beaches.


Shows With:

the audience poster 1The Audience (short)
dir. Eugenio Villani 17min
A sudden 10-year-cinema amnesia leads a young cinema-goer to search for the cinema halls of his teenage. So his wandering begins: a walk through closed shutter, abandoned buildings, new restaurant reconversions in search of the few surviving cinema halls. An ironic-melancholic documentary about the passage of time and cultural change enriched by the inevitable (fictional) opinions of anachronistic experts and intellectuals. Watch the Trailer

others like you poster 1Others Like You (short)
dir. Eugenio Villani 17min
Ester is a woman who has a strong longing to get pregnant. Following a surgical procedure, though, Greta – her family doctor and long-standing friend – diagnoses her with total sterility. Ester’s original desire thus becomes a growing obsession, and Ester starts having one-night stands hoping for a miracle. After the nth casual encounter, some early symptoms and a positive pregnancy test brings back the hope she had almost completely lost.when greta – who had the same experience as ester in the past and could never have children – gets to know about ester’s pregnancy, she becomes mad with jealousy: she will do anything she can to make ester face the same fate as her. Watch the Trailer

in between poster 1In Between (short)
dir. Stavros Kostopoulos 13min
A woman living isolated on an island spends her time by measuring the whole space with a tape. What lies behind this obsession? What would come out of such a measuring? Watch the Trailer