Saturday, August 26

Special Events ArchiveMassachusetts Independent Film Festival 2017

Block B1: Shorts

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Liminal Spaces (short)
dir. Kim Christel 15min
When Janice suddenly develops Narcolepsy during a rough time in her life, her oddly foreboding dreams stand as the only form of solace in her schedule of monotonous chores and job applications.

fils poster 1Fils (Son) (short)
dir. Cyrus Neshvad 14min
Sebastian’s son lies in a coma following a road accident. Guilty and grief-stricken, Sebastian refuses to agree to his ex-wife’s wishes and sign the papers that will allow their son to die peacefully. During the night shift in the children’s psychiatric hospital where Sebastian works, a little girl is admitted on to the ward. Sebastian’s sanity begins to unravel, as a terrifying chain of events surrounding the girl brings him face to face with his son.

baby oil poster 1Baby Oil (short)
dir. Shannon Silva 13min
Stranded at a trailer in the middle of nowhere North Carolina, a young mother digs in and rides out a severe storm while internally struggling with what to do next with her life and her marriage. Watch the Trailer

the deja vuers poster 1The Deja Vuers (short)
dir. Chris Esper 9min
A man who experiences deja vu when he spots a woman sitting on a park bench – a woman he remembers from a dream but has never met. When their paths finally cross, a portal opens which takes each of their lives in unexpected directions. Watch the Trailer

white guilt poster 1White Guilt (short)
dir. Ben Edmunds 7min
Louis is racked with guilt after an innocuous and misconstrued joke is made by his best friend, Patrice. Worried that Patrice might think he is racist, Louis attempts to heal hundreds of years of inequality in a single night. Patrice just wants some sleep.

spacemen poster 1Killer Spacemen from Outer Planet X (short)
dir. Peter Campbell 17min
Three brave, intergalactic explorers find themselves in uncharted celestial territory when their ship runs critically low on their much needed fuel source – plutonium. Fatefully, they discover a nearby planet that hosts a wealth of plutonium reserves. Follow the crew on their descent into the unknown as they venture onto the mysterious landscape inhabited by… Killer Spacemen From Outer Planet X! Watch the Trailer

le risque zero poster 1Le Risque Zero (short)
dir. Philippe Lacoueille 29min
A baby is communicating with his parents from inside his mother’s belly and starts to negotiate his forthcoming birth. Naturally, the baby decides to hire a notorious lawyer…