Saturday, August 26

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Block B2: Taking Stock

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Taking StockTaking Stock

dir. Ben Stillerman 87min
TAKING STOCK is a feature length documentary directed by South African filmmaker, Ben Stillerman. Ben set out to make a documentary about the failing family business his father, Clive, is struggling to maintain as Clive faces the harsh reality that his legacy is at stake — his customers are dwindling, his relationships with his employees are tense, and his children want to pursue other careers. What starts as a portrayal of the family business soon becomes less about the business, and more about the family as Clive and his son are forced to confront the friction between them and figure out how they move forward as they each carve out their own path into the next stages of their respective lives.


Shows With:

Shyman of the White Mountains (short)
dir. Aleksandar Petakov 15min
A researcher of Native American extraction in New Hampshire’s White Mountains shares his experiences and evidence of what he believes are Bigfoot like creatures, known as Shymen, living deep in the woods of Northern New England.

Ephemera (short)
dir. Lily Bouvier 9min
My mom, Libby Bouvier, has spent most of her life collecting an archive of cause buttons and other ‘ephemera’ from the women’s and LGBT liberation movements, the antiwar movement, the labor movement, and other radical causes she’s been directly or indirectly involved with over the decades. This is a short moving image portrait of her and her collection.