Saturday, August 26

Special Events ArchiveMassachusetts Independent Film Festival 2017

Block B4: Papagajka

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dir. Emma Rozanski 82min
A stranger, Tasya, arrives in Sarajevo and barges into Damir’s reclusive world. Little by little she takes over his apartment, his life, even his dreams. He can’t summon the courage to confront Tasya and she becomes progressively more comfortable and controlling. Can Damir find it in himself to struggle out of this trap and regain control of his life, or will Tasya take him over completely, leaving no trace of Damir in the world?


Shows With:

what weighs us down poster 1What Weighs Us Down (short)
dir. Bobby Thompson 24min
Josh is a young man with some problems. He has lost his warehouse job and his relationship with his ex girlfriend Angie. His despair and depression are compounded by an addiction to opiates and the unwanted presence of his mom Brenda’s ex-cop boyfriend Alan.

apples poster 1Apples (short)
dir. Ryan Jonze 7min
While preparing for a quiet evening at her country home, a woman’s plans are interrupted by a surprise visitor and ends in a very unexpected way.