Saturday, August 26

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The Crazies

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In Tribute to George Romero!

Newly Remastered!

Please Note: Rescheduled from Sunday 8/27.

(1973) dir George A. Romero w/W.G. McMillan, Lane Caroll, Harold Wayne Jones, Lloyd Hollar, Richard France [103 min; DCP]
“After reinventing the zombie film with Night of the Living Dead, Romero made his first color horror film THE CRAZIES, another social commentary cloaked in exploitation trappings about a small Pennsylvania town decimated by the accidental release of a dangerous biochemical weapon in the water supply [thanks to a crashed truck.] … Though not an official part of Romero’s ongoing Dead series, THE CRAZIES still fits in just fine thanks to its depictions of normalcy shredding apart from the inside and a ruthless but incompetent military ultimately driven by self-interest, themes which would reach their most crystallized version in Day of the Dead.” – Nathaniel Thompson, Mondo Digital

Don’t miss the Coolidge’s Halloween Horror Marathon this year! They will also be paying tribute to Romero with a 35mm screening of Night of the Living Dead to kick off the night!


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Saturday 8/26
at 9:30 PM

Brattle passes accepted. Special, Usher, and Producer members may reserve seats here.