Brattle Staff Picks for the September–October Schedule

STAFF PICKWe’re back with another selection of picks from the Brattle staff! Check out what some of our coworkers think are the coolest movies on screen at the Brattle this fall! Details after the jump…

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Dave Leamon is is a member of our projection staff.


Kim Baillargeon is the Brattle’s Operations Manager.


  • IN TRANSIT – I was riding the Downeaster on the way back from Maine when I saw In Transit had been added to the schedule and I let out the kind of squeal that is never, ever appropriate on public transportation. But what could I do? I love train travel AND Maysles documentaries! Short of a magical incantation that brings Little Edie back from the grave, I can’t think of a more delightful way to celebrate one of the finest filmmakers to ever call Boston home.
  • COLUMBUS – If we’ve ever chatted with you for more than five minutes you know that I’m obsessed with the way transportation (see above) and architecture interact with culture and art especially in mid-century America. (Ask me about Government Center!) So yeah, a strikingly beautiful film starring John Cho AND Parker Posey wrestling with my fave topic? That’s what we in the popcorn industry call a winner.
  • STALKER/SOLARIS Double Feature – Um, duh.

Sean Maloney is one of the Brattle’s house managers.


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Alma Macbride is a member of the Brattle concessions staff.


Joe Creedon is a member of the Brattle concessions staff.


Erica Hill is one of the Brattle’s house managers.


Yangqiao Lu is the Brattle’s Associate Director.


 Ivy Moylan is the Brattle’s Executive Director.