Tuesday, October 3

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Disorder: The Rare Disease Film Festival

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A new event showcasing films from around the world which address the challenges of life with more than twenty different rare diseases. Most (but not all) of the films are documentaries. Most are less than 25 minutes long. Between the films rare disease researchers, filmmakers, and patient advocates will share stories from their experience.

The festival staff believe that increased awareness can connect patient families, inspire conversations about translation applications of current science, lead to new paths for research, and save lives. These films put the often abstract and dire clinical information into the context of real people living their lives.

Rare Adventures presented by Horizon Pharma (D2S1)
at 2:00 PM – Tickets & Info

Rare Heroes presented by 32 Mile Media (D2S2)
at 4:30 PM – Tickets & Info

Rare Diagnosis presented by The Menkes Foundation (D2S3)
at 7:00 PM – Tickets & Info

Up for Air (D2S4)
at 9:00 PM – Tickets & Info

More details are at www.rarediseasefilmfestival.com.


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Tuesday 10/3

Brattle passes not accepted for this special event.