Monday, October 9

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Baby Driver

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Screening on 35mm!

The Late Show: Friday 10/6 – Thursday 10/12

BABY DRIVER (2017) dir Edgar Wright w/Ansel Elgort, Lily James, Kevin Spacey, Jaimie Foxx, Jon Hamm, Eiza González, Jon Bernthal [112 min; 35mm]
We’re so excited that noted cinephile and all-around good guy, Edgar Wright has scored the biggest hit of his career with this summer’s BABY DRIVER – even better, it’s a terrific, super-fun heist flick with a fantastic jukebox soundtrack. Now, the powers that be at the film’s distributor have made the excellent decision to strike actual real-life 35mm prints of the movie and we’re thrilled to feature one for late shows this week!

★★★★ “One of the most entertaining thrill rides of this year, this decade.” – Richard Roeper, Chicago Sun-Times

“Edgar Wright’s start to finish sensation is blessed with killer car chases, a star-making turn from Ansel Elgort, the year’s best soundtrack and the most fun you’ll have at the movies all summer.” – Peter Travers, Rolling Stone

“The first thriller I’ve seen in a long time that feels handmade.” – David Edelstein, New York Magazine/Vulture

“‘Baby Driver’ somehow maintains a tone of sweetness even as bullets fly, blood spurts, and gears are stripped. In fact, the movie feels like Tarantino minus the sleaze.” – Ty Burr, Boston Globe


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