Staff Picks for the November-December 2017 Schedule

STAFF PICKWe’re back with another selection of picks from the Brattle staff! Check out what some of our coworkers think are the coolest movies on screen at the Brattle this holiday season! Details after the jump…

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  • Grey Gardens –  I’m excited to finally get the chance to see it, and i’m already planning what outfit i will wear for the occasion!
  • The entire ‘Hanksgiving series is going to be so much fun! The ‘Burbs is my favorite Tom Hanks movie, and seeing it here with a crowd is such a blast.
  • Bill Nye: Science Guy –  I love science!!
  • 2001: A Space Odyssey ON THE BIG SCREEN! Enough said!
  • Hitchcock’s spectacular Vertigo is a meant to be enjoyed on the big screen.

Kim Baillargeon is the Brattle’s Operations Manager.


  • BANG! THE BERT BERNS STORY — Not to brag or nuthin’, but I just got the galley for Astral Weeks: A Secret History of 1968 by Hallelujah the Hills singer and Brattle-buddy Ryan H. Walsh. It’s a deep dive into Van Morrison’s time in Cambridge and the psychedelic craziness that was sweeping the city. Penguin is releasing it in March and it is, as they say, wicked good, kehd. (Pre-order it today!) Anyway, Bert Berns makes an early appearance in Astral Weeks and that has me clamoring for more of his classic garage rock productions and more details on his ties to organized crime.

  • ACTS AND INTERMISSIONS: EMMA GOLDMAN IN AMERICA — Goldman is one of my all-time favorite socio-political thinkers, an anarchist provocateur  whose work gets more relevant as our political climate gets weirder. She was a Gilded Age age leader of intersectional thought, a century before that was a thing, and lived the sort of complicated, conflicted life that makes for a great story. If you’re looking for more philosophical meat than contemporary clickbait can deliver, Goldman is a great place to start.

  • D.O.A – A RITE OF PASSAGE — Boy howdy, is this gonna be good one. A staple of the vhs tape-trading circles I used to run with back in the day, ,this classic punxploitation doc hasn’t played in theaters in nearly three decades. THREE DECADES. Anyway, the shot from the pit during X-Ray Specs’s riotous rendition of “Oh, Bondage Up Yours” is one of the most perfect encapsulations of the punk phenomenon ever captured on film. (Even if you’ve only seen it on fourth generation tape.) Come for the Specs,stay for a cherubic Billy Idol and Bleeker Bob explaining the appeal of gobbing.

  • IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE — Look, even old anarcho-punks need the warm fuzzies once in awhile.

Sean Maloney is one of the Brattle’s house managers.


Petra Raposo is one of the Brattle’s house managers.


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Yangqiao Lu is the Brattle’s Associate Director.


 Ivy Moylan is the Brattle’s Executive Director.