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Good Time

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Double Feature with THE FLORIDA PROJECT (5:00, 9:30)

(2017) dir Benny & Josh Safdie w/Robert Pattinson, Benny Safdie, Taliah Webster, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Barkhad Abdi, Buddy Duress [101 min; 35mm]
B.U. trained filmmakers The Safdie Brothers team with former teen heartthrob Robert Pattinson to paint the gritty and darkly funny portrait of an only-slightly-better-than-despicable hustler that unfolds over the course of one insane New York night.

“You might hate this movie, but with a passion that almost proves its power. Anyway, when was the last time a film grabbed you by the lapels and refused to let go?” – Ty Burr, Boston Globe

“What if Abel Ferrara made After Hours? The result would be the jittery, electro-infused New York nightmare Good Time. And that result is a pure cinematic thrill.” – Brian Formo, Collider

“Good Time combines anarchic sensibilities with an exacting style, its loopy plot starting in dark places and heads into willfully absurd directions before doubling back to a wakeup call.” – Eric Kohn, Indiewire

Brattle Film Notes – “Scene Analysis | Evading Expectations: The Use of Close-Ups in ‘Good Time,'” by Chase Sui Wonders


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Friday 1/12
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