Sunday, March 25

Special Events ArchiveBoston Underground Film Festival 2018

Shorts Block: The Ghost in You (Animated Shorts – Adults-only)

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We all search for home, some of us find happier answers than others. Houses that are both familiar and alien. People that can never again be what they once were. Relationships that break apart and come together. Dreams founded on lies that we struggle to wake from. Songs sung from the heart into the night. These animated films reflect our desire for belonging: in a place, with loved ones, in our bodies, perhaps even in a rock band.

Mediums include: hand drawn, stop motion, cut paper, and both 2D and 3D computer animation.

– Rebekah Murphy & Jozef Kluczkiewicz

Cameron Stetz, USA, 4 min.

divided-by-blueDivided by Blue
Eric Ko, USA, 8 min.

EdgeOfAlchemy copyEdge of Alchemy
Stacey Steers, USA, 19 min.

The_Shepherd_still1_1080The Shepherd
Natalie Vinciguerra, USA, 6 min.

CowboyCastleStillCowboy Castle
Kaitlin Martin, USA, 6 min.

Panicutopia-Desertark copyPanicutopia-the desertark
Gali Blay, Netherlands, 4 min.

TheRealmOfDeepestKnowingThe Realm of Deepest Knowing
Seunghee Kim, Republic of Korea, 3 min.

TheBurden copyThe Burden
Niki Lindroth von Bahr, Sweden, 14 min.

Kristin Pearson, USA, 3 min.

Winston copyWinston
Aram Sarkisian, USA, 6 min.

DEATH_VAN_1910Death Van
Michael Enzbrunner, Canada, 6 min