Thursday, April 26

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Massachusetts Works-in-Progress Pitch Session

No Ticket Required

2018 marks the 6th year that IFFBoston and C-LineFilms have partnered to present the Mass Works-in-Progress event.

The Massachusetts Documentary Works-In-Progress Pitch Session spotlights local filmmakers at various stages in their careers and at different stages of production with their projects. The IFFBoston/C-LineFilms WIP event takes place before a general audience of filmgoers, potential funders, broadcasters, festival programmers, brand partners and industry insiders. The goal of the event is to create a unique coalition of awareness and support for local filmmakers.

7 filmmakers will present a 3–5 minute clip of their project—followed by a short Q&A guided by the moderator and jurors. Each presentation will last 10–5 minutes.

Presented by C-Line Films

WIP Films

  • DISTURBING SCHOOLS — Directed by Garret Zevgetis; Produced by Ariana Garfinkel
  • GOREY — Directed & Produced by Christopher Seufert
  • THE GOOD SON’S FOREIGN BRIDE — Directed & Produced by Sally Y. Wu
  • LIVING BETWEEN STORIES — Directed & Produced by Kevin Tobin
  • NORTH BY CURRENT — Directed by Madsen Minax
  • THE ORDER OF THINGS — Directed by: Jeff Silva & Ramona Badescu
  • WATCHING SKOTI DIE — Directed by: Alex Morelli


  • Darren Alexander Cole — Boston Artist-in-Residence Digital Storyteller
  • Judy Laster — Founder/Director, Woods Hole Film Festival
  • Jeff Schmidt — Program Director, Salem Film Fest


Chico Colvard — Filmmaker/Assistant Professor of Cinema Studies