Saturday, April 28

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Godfathers of Hardcore

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Massachusetts Premiere

Expected to be in attendance: Director Ian McFarland and Subjects Vinnie Stigma & Mike Gallo

Genre: Documentary Feature
Runtime: 96 minutes
Director: Ian McFarland

For over 30 years, Roger Miret and Vinnie Stigma have shared something inside they couldn’t scream loud enough. Something they couldn’t play hard enough. Something they couldn’t stop, even if they wanted to. Agnostic Front is the combined roar from the hearts of two guys who have fought their whole lives, and whose pain, passion, and power ignited a movement.

Starting in the 1980s on the streets of the Lower East Side, Agnostic Front rose to play a key role in defining, shaping, and establishing the sound and code of conduct for a still-thriving, now worldwide culture. And unlike the dozens of bands that have come and gone, Agnostic Front is are still going strong because of the integrity and authenticity of its music and message. Despite their differences and countless challenges, Roger (now 50) and Vinnie (now 60) have always spoken directly to millions of disenchanted, outcast, forgotten kids in desperate need of solidarity and hope. They remain the very embodiment of hardcore, representing endurance, perseverance, and brotherhood against all odds.

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