Saturday, April 28

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The New Fire

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New England Premiere

Expected to be in attendance: Director David Schumacher and Subject Caroline Cochran, in conversation with WBUR’s Bruce Gellerman

Genre: Documentary Feature
Runtime: 85 minutes
Director: David Schumacher

Nuclear power has been vilified in popular culture and among much of the environmental community. Yet the next-generation reactors currently in development may actually be key to avoiding global catastrophe. The young entrepreneurs heading this energy revolution realize they’re up against more than the climate clock: they need to convince all of us that the new nuclear is safe and achievable.

In THE NEW FIRE, Emmy-winning director David Schumacher takes us inside two nuclear start-up companies: Transatomic and Oklo. Leslie Dewan and Mark Massie founded Transatomic while students at MIT. Their goal to design an advanced reactor that is safer, cleaner, and cheaper than today’s reactors. In Silicon Valley, Oklo founders Caroline Cochran and Jacob DeWitte are developing a microreactor for off-grid and other special applications that can only be fueled by diesel today. The film also introduces us to some of the many clean-energy advocates who are making the case for nuclear around the globe.

Filmed on four continents over 22 months, THE NEW FIRE tells a provocative and startlingly positive story about a planet in crisis and the young heroes who are trying to save it.

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