Monday, May 28

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25th Anniversary!

Double Feature with TOMBSTONE (2:15, 7:00)

(1993) dir Mario Van Peebles w/Mario Van Peebles, Charles Lane, Tiny Lister, Tone Loc, Big Daddy Kane, Blair Underwood, Melvin Van Peebles, Pam Grier, Isaac Hayes, Stephen Baldwin, Billy Zane, Paul Bartel [111 min; 35mm]
Long before Quentin Tarantino tried mashing up Spaghetti Westerns and Blaxploitation for Django Unchained, Mario Van Peebles delivered this suitably over-the-top homage. Van Peebles stars as a Buffalo Soldier who is disgraced and betrayed by his commander (a scenery-chewing Billy Zane) and sets out on a mission of revenge alongside his fellow soldiers.


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Monday 5/28
at 4:45 9:30 PM

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