Saturday, June 9

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Murder, My Sweet

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Double Feature with STRANGERS IN THE NIGHT

(1944) dir Edward Dmytryk w/Dick Powell, Claire Trevor, Anne Shirley, Otto Kruger, Mike Mazurki [95 min; 35mm]
Philip Marlowe, the quintessential L.A. private eye, searches for an ex-con’s girlfriend, but, as always, winds up swimming in deceit and double-crosses, all of it washing up at a lavish Malibu beach house. A brilliant studio-lot evocation of Chandler’s favorite corrupt city, featuring former hoofer Dick Powell in a career-transforming turn as Marlowe, and Claire Trevor as his fabulous femme fatale foil. Earns plenty of votes as the best adaptation ever of Chandler novel (Farewell, My Lovely).

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Saturday 6/9
at 2:30 PM

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