Sunday, June 10

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Double Feature with TRY AND GET ME!

(1950) dir Joseph Pevney w/Howard Duff, Brian Donlevy, Peggy Dow, Lawrence Tierney [80 min; 35mm]
This one’s so rare our screening is like a theatrical re-premiere! Howard Duff plays an unscrupulous and ambitious Weegee-like photographer whose blackmailing ways lead him into the crossfire of warring San Francisco gangsters played by Brian Donlevy and Lawrence Tierney. The first film directed by Joe Pevney, one of the most recognizable character actors of the film noir era, is cold-blooded fun, with a bitter, uncompromising finale.

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Sunday 6/10
at 7:30 PM

*Tickets are “double feature only” and include admission for both films.

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