Sunday, June 10

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The Guilty

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Double Feature with FORCE OF EVIL

(1948) dir John Reinhardt w/Bonita Granville, Don Castle, Wally Cassell, Regis Toomey [71 min; 35mm]
Two war buddies, adjusting to life on the homefront, fall for twin sisters. When one sister turns up dead, the boys become the prime suspects of a dogged police inspector. Working with only three impoverished sets and almost no budget, director Reinhardt and DP Henry Sharp evoke the dreadful, dead-of-night ambiance that was the landscape of Woolrich’s nightmares. Bonita Granville portrays the angelic Linda and her man-eating twin, Estelle. This long-lost B returns in a 35mm restoration funded by the Film Noir Foundation. Film Noir Foundation restored 35mm print courtesy of the UCLA Film & TV Archive

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Sunday 6/10
at 2:30 PM

*Tickets are “double feature only” and include admission for both films.

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